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In June of 1900, Harriet Ballou led the founding of the Ballou Home for the Aged of Woonsocket, Rhode Island to care for elderly residents of Woonsocket and the surrounding areas.  Her goal was to ensure that older adults could live out their final years in comfort and dignity.

While the “Home with a Heart” that Harriet Ballou founded over 100 years ago was forced to close its doors in 2021, Harriet Ballou’s proud legacy of community service lives on in the Harriet Ballou Charitable Foundation.

The Foundation’s mission is simple: to provide 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations grants in order to fund specific, one-time needs or ideas with the intent of providing care, comfort, and support for advanced aged individuals.  The Foundation encourages applications from 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations that serve the unique physical, mental, and emotional support needs of the advanced aged population.

The Foundation considers applications on a quarterly basis.

Grant Requirements and Limitations – Please read carefully before beginning.

Mandatory Requirements

  • Organization must be a 501(C)(3) Organization
  •  Applicant must submit the following:
    • Valid Mailing Address, Telephone Number, and Email Address
    • Tax Determination Letter from the Internal Revenue Service
    • Funding Purpose in detail which includes timeline for funds usage
    • Amount Requested
    • Proposed Budget in detail

Limitations – Applications will not be accepted if the purpose of the grant in whole or in part is to be used for:

  • A sponsorship or fundraising activity
  • Funding salaries or consulting fees of any kind
  • Routine office expenditures, supplies, inventory, etc.
  • Capital Improvements to a building or grounds, unless specifically for an ongoing program or enrichment activity
* The foundation may change the “limitations” without notice during a calendar year. 


Examples of Acceptable Funding Usage  All requests must be directly related to activities for aged individuals that will improve and support the quality of their lives.

  • Vehicle procurement- i.e. shuttle vans for beneficiaries of services (not to be used for employees local or long distance business travel)
  • Computer hardware and software upgrades
  • Enrichment programs / activities for aged individuals that will improve and support the quality of their lives
  • Specific types of equipment for programs or activities that will coordinate with the above statement
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Applicant Address
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Applicants must submit a valid tax-exempt determination letter issued to the applicant by the Internal Revenue Service.
Briefly summarize the specific need or idea for which you are seeking grant funding from the Foundation. The purpose of the grant must be to fund a specific, one-time need or idea that will improve the lives of advanced aged individuals by providing them with care, comfort, and support. Applications seeking funds for use outside of Rhode Island will not be considered.
What is the amount of the grant requested?
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Applicants must submit a proposed budget or other detail including price quotes regarding the manner in which the funds will be used.
If grant funding is sought to fund a specific, one-time need or idea that is time-sensitive, please let the Foundation know of any applicable deadline for receipt of the funding.
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The applicant may submit letters of support from older adults who will be served by the organization if the grant funding is awarded. However, letters of support are not required.
Clear Signature
By submitting this electronic application, the applicant certifies that: (1) the information submitted is true, accurate, and complete; (2) the recipient will, if awarded a grant by the Foundation, cooperate with the Foundation in publicizing the award; and (3) the recipient will provide an affidavit signed by an authorized representative of the recipient that grant funds were used in strict conformance with the purposes set forth in this application and in accordance with all applicable legal requirements.

Limitations: Applications will not be accepted if the purpose of the grant is to pay for a sponsorship of a fundraising event.

The delivery of grant funds will be conditioned upon the recipient’s willingness, indicated in written form, to accept the grant funds and to use them for the required purposes. The Foundation reserves the right to request supporting evidence of the use of grant funds.